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cudoviti bohinj novaIn the small village Savica, which is surrounded by the magnificent hills and forests are located Accommodations, apartments, Wonderful Bohinj. They offer modern furnished apartments that are ready for your carefree summer vacation.

Apartments Na vasi

Apartments Na vasi are located in a small village Savica in the beautiful Bohinj valley, just a few steps from the Sava river, surrounded by green forests, high mountains and beautiful nature.

They offer you new, nice and comfortable apartments (for 2 - 7 people), suitable for families, couples, group of friends, fishermen, ... Apartments are very well equipped and ready for your cosy vacations. In front of the house there is a barbecue area with garden furniture, small playground for children and a parking place for your car.

● Double room 1

● Apartment Objan

● Double room 2

● Apartment Winter

● Apartment Autumn

● Apartment Spring

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Apartments Snowdrop

Accommodations, apartments, Wonderful Bohinj, also offer Apartment house Snowdrop. Apartment house is located in the centre of typical alpine village Stara Fuzina, close to Bohinj lake. Apartments are suitable for families, friends, couples, elderly and young people.

Apartment house Snowdrop has 2 nice and modern equipped apartments. Both apartments are heated with electrical heaters and have fireplace, wireless Internet access (WiFi), SATV, bathroom with shower, well equipped kitchen, apartment on the first floor also has balcony... In front of a house is a small terrace, parking lot is behind the house.

● Apartment Snowdrop 1

● Apartment Snowdrop 2

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For more information and reservation please call Accommodations, apartments, Wonderful Bohinj, on telephone number +386 (0)31 327 - 546 or +386 (0)31 339 - 043

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