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marija krajnc 6Accounting, Marija KRAJNC s.p., Maribor, Styria, offers quality accounting services for various types of legal entities.




With regular additional education and active monitoring of innovations, they have become an experienced partner, who is looking the best solutions for their clients, in accordance with defined legislation. As a result, they have gained a large number of satisfied and eminent references.

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Accounting, Marija KRAJNC s.p., Maribor, Styria, is specialised for:

∞ accounting and bookkeeping services
∞ different kinds of consultation such as: tax, individual, business and other consultation
∞ help and consultation at the establishment of company

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The services are suitable for:

▪ lawyers and notaries
▪ sole proprietors (s.p.)
▪ public and private institutions
▪ micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (d.o.o.)
▪ societies
▪ agricultural activities

For any additional information, contact Accounting, Marija KRAJNC s.p., Maribor, Styria, through online form.

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