Alpine Hut Voje, Bohinj

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Stara Fužina 233, 4265 Ribčev Laz
call: +386 (0)41 234 - 625
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drustvo srednja vasAlpine Hut Voje, Bohinj, is located on the beginning of glacial valley Voje.


• Altitude: 690 m
• Access along the Mostnica gorge (45 min) or by car on the road from Stara Fužina (10 min)
Alpine Hut Voje, Bohinj, is open from the end of May until the end of September
• Private rooms offer 17 beds; the common sleeping room offers 20 beds
• Dining room provides place for 60 guests
• Mountaineers and hikers can enjoy in warm and cold meals and drinks

Visit Alpine Hut Voje, Bohinj, and enjoy in the gorgeous mountain world.

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Ribčev Laz
Stara Fužina 233