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apartma krasna novaCheap overnight stays Postojna, apartments Krasna Postojna, Slovenia, are located in Postojna with the gorgeous look on worldwide heritage Postojna Cave.

Postojna is a town in the traditional region of Inner Carniola, 35 kilometers from Trieste, in southwestern Slovenia. The area is known to have been populated since the paleolithic era due to the discovery of a cave settlement near the town of Postojna called Betal Rock Shelter (Betalov spodmol). The town lies on the Pivka River. Written sources first mention the settlement in the 13th century and in 1432 it became a borough. It was proclaimed a town in 1909. From the late Middle Ages, it was part of the Duchy of Carniola and hence of the Habsburg Monarchy. It was under Italian rule between 1918 and 1943 (nominally to 1947) and was part of the province of Trieste as Postumia.

Postojna Cave is a 24,120 m long karst cave system near Postojna, southwestern Slovenia. It is the second-longest cave system in the country (following the Migovec System) as well as one of its top tourism sites. The caves were created by the Pivka River.

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Cheap overnight stays Postojna, apartments Krasna Postojna, Slovenia, offers:

∞ independent entrance
∞ garden terrace
∞ free Wi-Fi
∞ free parking
∞ cable TV
∞ private bathroom with shower
∞ kitchen with dining area
∞ also small animals are welcome with extra charge

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Surroundings & Nearest attractions

♠ Italian restaurant (300 m)
♠ Grocery store (400 m)
♠ Bus stop
♠ Train Station (1.5 km)
♠ Predjama Castle (12 km)
♠ Postojna Cave (0,9 km)
♠ Notranjska Museum (1,1 km)
♠ Military History Park (11,9 km)

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Cheap overnight stays Postojna, apartments Krasna Postojna, Slovenia, offers a pleasant holiday and relaxation in calm surroundings.

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