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Staro selo 57, 5222 Kobarid
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apartma zonir novaApartments Zonir, Kobarid, is located in the small village Staro selo and they are 3 km away from Kobarid. They offers: own entrance, big terrace and a balcony, vegetables in the garden, lounging in the shade.


Kobard is a settlement in Slovenia. Kobarid is known for the 1917 Battle of Caporetto, where the Italian retreat was documented by Ernest Hemingway in his novel A Farewell to Arms. The battle is well documented in the museum in the centre of Kobarid. The museum won a Council of Europe award in 1993. Kobarid has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Archaeological remains from the Hallstatt period have been found in the area. The nearby Tonocov Grad archaeological site has remains of 5th-century Roman buildings, when the area was located in the forefront of the Claustra Alpium Iuliarum defense system. The settlement was an important base on the Roman road from Forum Iulii (present-day Cividale del Friuli) up to the Predil Pass and the Noricum province.

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Apartments Zonir, Kobarid, offer modern furnished apartment, which contains:

♦ fully equipped kitchen with oven
♦ satellite TV
♦ free WiFi
♦ bathroom
♦ bed room

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 Things to do:

♠ swimming in the healing river Nadiža
♠ water sports on the Soča river (rafting, kayak, canoe, canyoning)
♠ cycling
♠ hiking
♠ fishing
♠ horse riding
♠ Darts
♠ Tennis court

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You can organize your vacation  round own degree, because you have many options:

♣ a great starting point for all your day trips
♣ the healing river Nadiža, a great swimming area at the river only 1 km from the apartments away
♣ sports activities on the river Soča or in the air
♣ near a casino and a restaurant, also a renowned inn in the town and the sport's centre Zder Robič

For further information and reservations please call Apartments Zonir, Kobarid, on the telephone number +386 (0)31 750 - 472 or +386 (0)41 686 - 997. You can get in touch via our online form.

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