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Vipolže 74, 5212 Dobrovo v Brdih
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cesnjev gaj nova 2018Apartments, rooms Cherry Grove, Goriška Brda are located in the village Vipolže in the heart of the sunny Goriška Brda region. For your comfort and relaxation the apartments stand in the marvellous surroundings of cherry, fig and other fruit trees that offer their beauty and gifts in all seasons – relaxation for body and soul and joy for your taste buds!

In Cherry Grove spring pampers visitors on white clouds of blossoming cherry trees. Summer offers them fresh juicy red cherries, which were appreciated by Vienna court. In autumn Cherry Grove delights visitors with an incredible game of nature's colors, which connects the earth and the sky. And winter chases her daughet bora over endless hills covered by vineyards and orchards across the Friulian plain all the way to the sea. It's the most beautiful time of the year in Cherry Grove - you soul is at peace, body is resting and the view on dancing tree branches tells you that this is your home where you are always welcome.

Apartments, rooms Cherry Grove, Goriška Brda offers you relaxation and pleasure. In the near and far surroundings you can visit cultural and historical attractions, cycle, climb mountains (Soča valley, approx. 50 km away), visit seaside (Gulf of Trieste, approx. 30 km away), hike, visit private wine cellars and enjoy rich local cuisine.

For more information and reservation please call +386 (0)41 830 - 360.

Welcome in Apartments, rooms Cherry Grove, Goriška Brda.

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