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mikl 18Bio tourist farm Mikl, Prevalje, lies on the slovenian part of Koroška (altitude of 800m) in the municipality Prevalje, just by the border with Austria. In the middle of plain there is the farm house and the outbuildings, stables, sawmill, woodshed, barn and granary-the ethnological specialty of Koroška, lay beside it. Our Bio tourist farm Mikl, Prevalje, is surrounded by the orchard, meadows, fishpond and the fir and pine forest. The intact environment offers great possibilities for the walks. We are keeping the organic way of farming and managing, which works in harmony with the nature.

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mikl 20The way of life has not changed much here. We have kept the old-fashioned way of life, just like our parents and grandparents used to live. We still farm in the people and animals friendly way. We also do not rush like they do in the valley. We stick to the principle – more haste, less speed. We are a friendly farm for the families with children. Domestic animals will sure be of a great pleasure for them, we have also taken care of the children’s playground or they can go sledding in winter...

Visit Bio tourist farm Mikl, Prevalje, and enjoy in the intact nature.


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Services Overnight stays, Ecological food production, Trekking, Fishing


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