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Brewery Lasko is the leading Slovenian brewer.

Beer brewing in Laško is based on the love for this noble beverage. The brewery was founded by Franz Geyer, a gingerbread baker and mead producer. The love for beer brewing was soon joined by knowledge. Before the end of the 19th century, Simon Kukec, a nationally conscious Slovenian entrepreneur and developer, established type of beer and the first beer brand - The Thermal beer.

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Beginnings of beer brewing in Laško

lasko 19Laško is a beer with tradition. We have been brewing it for more than 185 years. The historical beginnings of Pivovarna Laško reach back to 1825, when the mead and gingerbread maker Franz Geyer set up a brewery in the former Valvasor Hospital (now the location of the Savinja Hotel), where he probably brewed stone beer (Steinbier), then known in the Koroška region, for thirteen years. However, it is still not known if he knew how to brew the technologically more demanding Bavarian beer...MORE

A new century and World War I

In 1889, after the company declared bankruptcy, it was purchased by a brewer from Žalec, Simon Kukec. This nationally conscious Slovenian went down in the Laško brewing history as an excellent organizer, financier and entrepreneur, fond of novelties. He established a new type of beer and the first beer brand - the thermal beer, which still exists today in a slightly different form. Through experimentation he discovered the favourable effect that thermal water had on the taste of beer. He started to brew thermal beer as light and dark beer (both were stronger than the regular), since he knew that the best way to attract customers is with novelties...MORE

Period between World Wars

The closing of the brewery affected many residents of Laško. This is why initiators of the idea to open the brewery again started to inspire innkeepers, and in 1929, representatives of innkeeper cooperatives decided to construct a catering shareholding brewery in Laško.

Pivovarno Laško, d. d. was opened again in 1938 after many complications and severe opposition. A new Laško beer was once again pouring down throats. A reporter from a beer tasting in the Gorenjska region wrote that at "each finer table only Laško beers could be noticed...MORE

World War II

When World War II engulfed Slovenia in 1941, Pivovarna Laško went through great changes. The Germans took control over the brewery, replaced the management and for the next four years bottled and exported beer. This was a period of mixed feelings for the brewery, as, on one hand, all the sovereignty and independence of beer brewing was lost, and on the other hand, the brewery's business was better than ever. Under the rule of the German occupiers, the brewery then produced almost 93,000 hl of beer each year, a quantity that was again reached only in 1963. According to some, the enviable quantities were achieved by diluting beer with water. The principal beers at that time were the Thermal beer, also known as Thermalbier, the March beer or Märzen Bier, and the export dark beer Zlatorog Goldhorn Export...MORE

From ruins to riches (1946 – 1970)

After the war, a complete renovation was underway. Brick by brick workers and designees were erecting a new brewery. On the basis of experiences and identified deficiencies of demolished buildings, a much more appealing and improved brewery was built. Production in the brewery began again already in 1946, that is just a year after the last bombing...MORE

A decade of moderate growth (1970 – 1980)

In the seventies, Pivovarna Laško enjoyed the fruits of intensive investments in the sixties. In 1972 the milestone of 500,000 hl of sold beer was reached and surpassed, which means 35-times more than in 1955. A decade of moderate growth followed, in which the brewery also acquired a new filling facility near the Savinja river (on the lower side of the railway, in 1974). At the end of the seventies, a new, modern office building was built.

The brewery up to the breakup of Yugoslavia (1980 – 1991)

lasko 20The eighties represented a new, dynamic decade that brought considerable technical and technological changes for the brewery. A high demand for Laško beer on the then joint market of Yugoslavia was the starting point to renovate once more and to increase certain production capacities...MORE

From independence to the turn of the century (1991 – 2000)

A new state, a new political and economic system also meant a new era for the brewery.  With previous investments in the infrastructure, the brewery secured continuous operation and despite the drop in sales subsequent to Slovenia's independence from Yugoslavia, Pivovarna Laško sold again more than a million hectolitres of beer in 1994...MORE

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With constant investments Brewery Lasko, came to the point where it could compete side-by-side with any other modern European brewery on the technical and technological level.

With capital ties and the organization of business operations between companies in the beer and non-alcoholic beverages industry, the brewery was in the last years successfully getting closer to the goal of business optimization.

Capital investments in the Brewery Lasko Group in the last 12 years joined the companies Vital, Radenska, the Pivovarna Union Group, and the Croatian Jadranska Pivovara Split. Companies coordinated and unified business processes, resulting in a synergy that was ultimately reflected in the rise of the value and quality of products.

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Beer and man have been friends for thousands of years. They were first united by nature.  In time, they would be connected by curiosity, the transfer of skills, knowledge and technology. Flavour is changing, the brewing process is refining, but that primary, unique feeling remains. Unaltered.


Beer brewing in Laško is based on the love for this noble beverage. The brewery was founded by Franz Geyer, a gingerbread baker and mead producer. The love for beer brewing was soon joined by knowledge. Before the end of the 19th century, Simon Kukec, a nationally conscious Slovenian entrepreneur and developer, established a new type of beer and the first beer brand - the thermal beer..MORE

ᴥ Laško Zlatorog

ᴥ Laško Draught Beer

ᴥ Laško Club

ᴥ Laško Light

ᴥ Laško Dark

ᴥ Laško Malt

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Laško Special

Laško Special is to be considered a versatile beverage, to be enjoyed in moderation, sharing and respect. Each sip reveals the creativity and passion of its manufacturers and the wholeness of its ingredients...MORE

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Laško Malt

Laško Malt is a carbonated refreshing beverage based on malt extract and comes in three fresh flavours: strawberry, pineapple and apple. It is suitable for everyone who finds the taste of beer and barley malt appealing but doesn't drink alcoholic beverages...MORE

Export Pils

lasko 25Export Pils is a trade mark of pale beer. Somewhat lower percentage of malt, lower alcohol content and specific bitterness provide for particular satisfaction when drinking...MORE



Oda. Only water. It flows, murmurs and quenches the thirst. Clear, light and eternal. Undisturbed, all by itself, it seeps through the natural rock filter. It sneaks through tall beech trees that have been embracing and protecting it for centuries, guarding the treasure of the depths. Caught in the beauty of a new image, but still unrestrained and free enough, with the flavour of an untamed spirit. Pearl of the depths. A sip of nature. Ode to life. A promise to the environment. An escape...MORE

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How beer is made?

lasko 29Beer is a beverage that has thousands of years of tradition, known already by the Sumerians. Barley was grinded, water added and let to dry. The mixture was grinded and mixed with water once again. The beverage was certainly tasteful, but different to modern beer...MORE

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