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kamp liza novaAmong high peaks and green pastures lies the Bovec Valley, through which the wonderful, emerald-green Soča River, into which the clear and wild Koritnica River flows, blazes its way. Not far, from the confluence of these rivers, is the location of
Camp Liza, Bovec.

This is our second home, say numerous visitors who return to this beautiful part of our country year after year. Above the Koritnica River, among greenery and trees, the visitors can find a place where they can spend some moments of peace that are only possible in clean and untouched nature, interrupted only by the soft rippling of the river.

Why visit Camp Liza, Bovec?

1.) This is family-friendly camping
2.) Pets are allowed
3.) Camp is also open in winter
4.) They have power supply connection 16A
5.) You can use a wash machine and dryer per tokens
6.) Sanitary facilities are heated
7.) The campsite has access to the Internet
8.) You can also use outdoors grill

In the restaurant they prepare delicious homemade culinary delights for all guests. You can take a look at rich menu on connection MENU

For active sustenance of free time is the Camp Liza, Bovec, right place for you. Book your own term on telephone number +386 (0)41 760 - 651 

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