Camp Pezdirc Griblje, Kolpa

Specific details Camp Pezdirc Griblje
Griblje 70, 8332 Gradac
call: +386 (0)7 306 - 94 - 58


kamp pezdirc novaCamp Pezdirc Griblje, Kolpa, lies in a small village Griblje, on the coast of river Kolpa, which provides a favorable refresher in the summer months.

They offer you:

ᴥ space for camping trailers (also possible flat-rate rental of a plot)
ᴥ tent camps

Camp Pezdirc Griblje, Kolpa, is fully equipped with electricity, sanitary facilities and a kitchen.

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They also have:

♠ the tidy place for picnics
♠ the playground for volleyball
♠ the playground for badminton
♠ the playground for football
♠ the improvised bowling alley

You can borrow canoe and you are driven away by the Kolpa river or you can borrow bicycle and drive around the nearby area. A walk along the banks of the Kolpa river is also recommended.

Camp Pezdirc Griblje, Kolpa, takes care for unforgettable memories. Call on telephone number +386 (0)7 306 - 94 - 58 and reserve your term.

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