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colf 6The company COLF filters, development and production of air filters, Medvode, Slovenia, was founded in 1990.

Since the foundation, the company has focused on the development and production of high-efficiency air filters for the most demanding applications of air filtration. Due to the small market for these products in Slovenia, our sales early on focused on the EU market.

We specialize in developing and manufacturing cartridges for air filters, including filters of high filtration classes of up to H14. In the development and manufacture of filters we are cooperating with reliable local suppliers of components and renowned European suppliers of raw materials and intermediate goods, which exerts a positive impact on our development flexibility and high quality of filters.

Why choose COLF filters, development and production of air filters, Medvode, Slovenia?

∞ many years of experience
∞ large number of happy and respectable references
∞ excellent relationship between quality and price
∞ work is done in accordance with determined technical norms and in agreed time period
∞ we have all the necessary certificates
∞ quick response
∞ friendliness and advice to customer
∞ we develop the filter for air by specification of the client


The use of filters in the chemical and woodworking industry, the pharmaceutical industry, cement works, as well as lime production, iron foundries, incineration plants, varnishing workshops, grinding plants, welding, metal working.


For this purpose, we produce cartridges of high filter classes. Even in such applications the activated carbon filter is often added, which eliminates unpleasant odors or establishes additional protection for people in the area.

Where to use?

▫ sports facilities
▫ kitchens
▫ conference rooms
▫ lecture halls
▫ office buildings


These filters are installed in shelters and refuges for civil protection of the population. They remove toxic aerosols from contaminated air, created by the release of poison gases. It is a combined filter, which consists of an aerosol filter of H13 quality and specifically impregnated activated carbon. Impregnated activated carbon, which is built into our filters, complies with all world standards required for the purposes of protection, both in its content and quantity of elements with which it is impregnated.

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Types of filters depending on the class of filtration:

● Pre-filters

● Coarse air filtration

● Microfilters

● Ultra filters – aerosol

● Activated carbon filters and combined filters

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For all additional information and order of products please call on telephone number +386 (0)1 361 - 67 - 10, where kind staff of the company COLF filters, development and production of air filters, Medvode, Slovenia, will be help and advise you.

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