Finishing construction works Sorgo, Naklo

Specific details Bojan Šorgo s.p.
Krakovo 17, 4202 Naklo
call: +386 (0)41 357 - 991


sorgo novaThe company Finishing construction works Sorgo, Naklo, offers quality renewals of flats and the business place. They boast with 10 years of tradition and numerous respectable references.

They offer:

♦ Painting windows and doors
♦ Painting and smoothing of walls
♦ Decorative painted walls
♦ Painting of the abutments
♦ Painting of joinery and metal products
♦ Painting of children's rooms

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For any additional information, please call Finishing construction works Sorgo, Naklo, on telephone number +386 (0)41 357 - 991.

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Services Finishing construction works


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