Façades and painting Sampl, Radenci, Pomurje

Specific details Sampl Kristijan s.p.
Radenski Vrh 23A, 9252 Radenci
tel: +386 (0)31 840 - 298


sampl novaIn the company Façades and painting Sampl, Radenci, Pomurje, are specialists in the manufacture of facades, and painting your home.

We offer:

ᴥ Making facades
ᴥ decorative plaster
ᴥ laying wallpaper
ᴥ ventilated facades
ᴥ moisture remediation
ᴥ Wall coverings
ᴥ drying up
ᴥ stucco

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For more details, please call Facades and Painting Sampl, Radenci, Pomurje, at the telephone number +386 (0)31 840 - 298

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Services Façades, Painting


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