Farm Stay Pr Lavric Vače, Central Slovenia

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pr lavric 24In the heart of Slovenia in the immediate vicinity of the geometric center of Slovenia is located Farm Stay Pr Lavric Vače, Central Slovenia. A farm has the place for parking of a bus for groups. The place for 50 people is in interior, outside is the place for more than 100 people.



Farm Stay Pr Lavric Vače, Central Slovenia, is offering good local food. Salami are always available, warm food warm is made by advance order. Culinary specialty is roast lamb, but they are always adapt to wishes and needs of their guests.

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The farm also have beds in three rooms (up to 20 people). They also consider a place for tent. The area around the farm offers plenty of leisure opportunities.You can visit adventurous park Geoss, the area is popular for horse riding.

Farm Stay Pr Lavric Vače, Central Slovenia, enriched the offer for children aged 5 to 12 years in 2014. Children can live on a farm in intact nature.

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Stay on the farm lasts for 6 days and begins on Sunday afternoon and ends on Friday afternoon. Includes:

ᴥ sleeping in tents in bad weather in the rooms
ᴥ knowledge of domestic animals
ᴥ jobs on the farm
ᴥ socializing among children
ᴥ heating of camp fire
ᴥ other activities as agreed with children

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For more information please call +386 (0)40 359 - 712.

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