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ferolin 12FEROLIN Mežica, CNC turning, CNC milling | Carinthia, is a family business with over 40 years of tradition.

We started from a small handicraft workshop on the old location. In 1992, we bought a piece of land in the Mežica industrial zone. We built completely new business premises and moved in in 1994. The location proved to be a good choice from several aspects: from the logistic (close to Austrian border), development (favourable possibilities for further expansion) and business aspect (telecommunication and municipal utility services, optical connections, gas piping). We have been continuously extending these facilities in compliance with changes of market situation and requirements. With own development and knowledge we grew into a company with 35 employees.

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CNC turning

On CNC turning lathes from a recognized Japanese producer MAZAK, we carry out turning of workpieces from the smallest diameter Ø 10 mm to Ø 450 mm and with max. turning length L=1500 mm.

Our machine park includes 8 CNC turning lathes with different characteristics:

ᴥ turning lathes with driven tools (e.g. with capacity of thread cutting up to M16 mm)
ᴥ double-spindle turning lathes which allow turning of workpieces on both sides - in one clamping, providing very accurate machining on one side in regard to the other side of workpiece
ᴥ turning lathes with a feeding device; these are meant for the manufacture of pieces out of bars, etc.

Our products are meant in particular for different hydraulic components, hoisting devices, cranes, lifting platforms, transport devices, hydroelectric power plants, etc.

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CNC milling

We offer a wide spectrum of milling services on our CNC vertical and horizontal milling machines from a recognized Japanese producer of machines, MAZAK. These machines are distinguished for extreme accuracy of machining up to 0.01 mm.

Workpieces from various materials can be machined, e.g. all sorts of steel, INOX, ALU, plastics, bronze, various castings, forgings and hardened materials up to 60 HRC hardness.

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Other services:

● Conventional machining

● Metal working and machine engineering

● Stainless steel program

● Assembly

● Laser cutting

● Surface treatment

● Heat treatment

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FEROLIN Mežica, CNC turning, CNC milling | Carinthia, has many modern and accurate CNC-machining centers which allow us comply with our customers' requirements. At the moment, the company has 15 CNC-machining centers from MAZAK, a Japanese top producer and over 10 machines for conventional metal machining. Our machine park is continuously updated to keep us competitive on the demanding European market.

For all additional information and ordering of services contact FEROLIN Mežica, CNC turning, CNC milling | Carinthia, by online form.

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