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Specific details Fin-Mark, Vlasta Hakl s.p.
Radenski Vrh 42, 9252 Radenci
call: +386 (0)40 470 - 683
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fin mark 6Accounting service, FIN-MARK, Radenci, Pomurje, has been providing quality accounting services for many years, which are appropriate for:

ᴥ legal entities (d.o.o.)
ᴥ independent entrepreneurs (s.p.)
ᴥ societies
ᴥ individuals with a supplementary activity
ᴥ lawyers and notaries
ᴥ building contractors
ᴥ restaurant workers
ᴥ hairdresser's salons
ᴥ traders

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They offer you:

♠ complete accounting and bookkeeping services
♠ for existing clients, they offer fiscal as business and individual consulting
♠ possibility of electronic banking

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If you want to find out more details about cooperation, please call Accounting service, FIN-MARK, Radenci, Pomurje, where they will be happy to help you.

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