Fizio center, Physiotherapist Alen Lilic, Hrpelje - Kozina

Specific details Fizio center
Jagodna ulica 8, 6240 Hrpelje - Kozina
call: +386 (0)5 680 - 30 - 30
gsm: +386 (0)51 414 - 444


fizio novaFizio center, Physiotherapist Alen Lilic, Hrpelje - Kozina, is situated in new building, across the street of the health center Zdravstveni dom Hrpelje – Kozina. Confessed physiotherapist Alen Lilic takes care of your fast recovery. Team of professional and confessed specialists helps him.


Highly qualified, well-known physiotherapist Alen Lilić attended high school for physiotherapy in Rijeka, Croatia, and continued his studies on the Faculty of Medicine at University of Rijeka in the field of physiotherapy. He graduated at the Faculty of Health at the University of Ljubljana in 2007.

After successfully finished studies, he was working as coordinator in medical institutions, later in professional sport clubs for individual and team sports. He actively cooperated with Slovene Alpine Ski Team, Slovene Handball Team and numerous handball, football and basketball sport clubs.

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Fizio center, Physiotherapist Alen Lilic, Hrpelje - Kozina, offer:

♠ Manual therapy (facial, manipulation, FDM, nervous system mobilization ...)
♠ Electrotherapy (ESWT, InterX, Laser, Ultrasonic, FMS ...)
♠ kinesiotherapy
♠ pain therapy
♠ individual therapy
♠ Baropodometric Foot Analysis
♠ Walking analysis
♠ analysis of posture
♠ non-invasive 3D backbone analysis
♠ and various other measurements

For more information please call Fizio center, Physiotherapist Alen Lilic, Hrpelje - Kozina, on the telephone number +386 (0)5 680 - 30 - 30.

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Jagodna ulica 8