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kobariski muzej 12The Kobarid Museum, Slovenia, developed from a museum collection which was set up by the locals in 1990. It first operated within the frame of the Tourist Society of Kobarid. Five years later, in agreement with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, the founders transferred the management to a non-profit company of limited liability which still manages the Museum. In the year 2011 The Kobarid Museum, Slovenia, was put in the official register of Slovenian museums.

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kobariski muzej 14It was awarded for its activities the highest Slovenian award in the museum sphere – the Valvasor Prize. It was nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award (EMYA) and was awarded the Council of Europe Museum Prize.

Many notable persons have visited the Museum: from monarchs, three presidents of the EU Parliament, numerous presidents of states, prime ministers, ministers, presidents of various world associations, superiors of different churches, all to Nobel Prize winners.

The Kobarid Museum, Slovenia, can be visited individually or in groups. The texts and captions of the exhibitions are in four languages: Slovenian, Italian, German and English. Available for visitors who do not understand any of the four languages is a short summary in several other languages which is delivered at the ticket purchase.


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