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Young, productive, active, full of energy and youthful impetus, friendly, honest …, that’s Kofler Sport, Sports Agency, Mojstrana. Company Kofler Sport, Sports Agency, Mojstrana, is a result of professional guides, cyclists, climbers and tourist workers, which take care of your security and careless experience of your choice.

The company's vision is to offer quality and safe service, full of experience. To show them beauty and charms of untouched nature in Mojstrana and its surrounding, and lifting sport tourism offer of our place to a higher level.

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 All activities are suitable for

kofler 25ᴥ guests
ᴥ the youngest
ᴥ school classes
ᴥ other groups

Sports – adventurous activities will be shared by:

GREGA KOFLER: director

kofler 26Professor of physical education, skiing instructor (level III), alpinist, mountaineering instructor, cross country skiing instructor, mountain guide, mountain rescuer ….

Grega is a local in Mojstrana. He knows every secret corner and want to share them with you. He decided to start his own business and established Kofler Sport, which expresses his qualities and expertise. His knowledge, acquired thru the years of experience and youthful impetus brought to fulfill his dreams: sharing the knowledge and the beauty of the nature with others. He says that the impossible is always possible.


ANITA PERGER: children program manager

kofler 27Professor of physical education, organizer of tourism operations, senior alpinist probationer, mountain guide, skiing instructor (level II), cross country skiing instructor.

Youthful dreams to work in tourism and sports came true for Anita. Desires became stronger when she returned from her first travel to South America, where she realized what we can offer to our guests. She is distinguished for honesty, sincerity and smile, which rarely disappears from her face.

MINA KOTNIK: skiing school manager

kofler 28Professor of physical education, skiing instructor (level III), mountain guide, tennis coach, cross country skiing instructor.

If she wasn’t be living in the mountains, she would be living at sea. Her expertise is winter sports due to her childhood skiing career and later career in volleyball. She’s relaxing with her baby daughter momentarily, although she always takes time to spend it with you.




MATIJA ŠLIBAR: local tourist guide

Organizer of tourism operations, mountain guide, cycling guide, local tourist guide, skiing instructor (level I).

Matija is a versatile tourism worker with lots of experience. He started with guiding and organizing several days long cycling tours for his friends and got his knowledge from Vocational college for catering and tourism Bled in Bled. Matija is always helpful and willing to find a solution, even when it seems to be impossible.

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PETRA HLEBANJA: trainer at Moving Alphabet

kofler 30Student at Pedagogical Faculty. Her wish was working with children. Therefore she took over the Moving Alphabet group, not an easy task to do. Communicating with children is her favorite thing, since they are always honest and sincere- both of the qualities she possess as well. She says we can learn a lot from our precious.



MITJA ŠORN: mountain guide

kofler 31Professor of physical education, skiing instructor (level III), alpinist, mountaineering instructor, gorge Hladnik guide.

Smile and lively personality, you can’t miss him. You will feel great in his company, he will always cheer you up with a climbing story or an anecdote from a trip. As a child he was dedicated to cycling, but only till hi discovered love of his life – mountains.




BLAŽ GAVRAN: dive master

kofler 32Professor of physical education, skiing instructor (level II), cross country skiing instructor.

As true inhabitant of the coast, he is always noisy and to share the sports moments with his is real fun. He’s favorite is bouldering and climbing on artificial walls, but on some days he prefers adrenaline descents, diving, cycling and partying.

UROŠ LUKS: tennis trainer

Senior administration worker, tennis instructor. He is tanned, has Nadal’s hairstyle, Federer’s figure and Agassi’s temperament. Excellent tennis instructor, who lives and breathes tennis. If you happen to miss a tennis result, just give him a call. In between he can show you the mysteries of tennis playing in Mojstrana and what you should require for a good training. And some party on top of it.

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For additional information, please contact Kofler Sport, Sports Agency, Mojstrana, on telephone number +386 (0)41 608-297 or contact them via the online form.



They offer

kofler 34● Water activities

● Rock climbing

● Hladnik rock labyrinth

● Adrenalin descent

● Mountain biking

● Biking downhills

● Mountaineering

● Mountain guideing


They offer

kofler 35● Ski school

● Ski servis

● Sledding

● Rent a snowshoes

● Snowshoeing

● Cross country skiing

● Ice climbing

● Tour skiing

Summer animation

They offer

kofler 41● Summer animation

● Water holidays

● Summer catalogue 14



Other offer

They offer

● Parenzana

● Transports

● Rent-a-van-bike trailer

● Rent climbing equipment

● Rent-a-bike

● Skike skateing

● Nordic walking

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Price list


kofler 38● Summer adventures

● Tenis lessons & courses

● Artificial climbing wall Gozd Martuljk

● Rent-a-bike

● Rent-a-van


● Winter adventures

● Ski school

● Ski servis

● Cross country skiing school

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Services Water activities, Rock climbing, Hladnik rock labyrinth, Adrenalin descent, Mountain biking, Biking downhills, Mountaineering, Mountain guideing


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