Roofing BLAS, Zgornja Kungota

Specific details Roofing BLAS, Blas Timo s.p.
Gradiška 445, 2201 Zgornja Kungota
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The company Roofing BLAS, Zgornja Kungota has been successfully active for 30 years on the whole Slovenian market. We have our own production, administrative and stock area in Zgornja Kungota. There you will also find a fully equiped fleet of cars and machinery.

Roofing BLAS, Zgornja Kungota are specialised in the production of roofs and body shop mechanics as well as in making metal ornaments on the bulidings that are protected by the cultural heritage office.

We are an accredited building contractor for all kinds of roofs that are being sold on the Slovenian market. We bulid flat as well as slanting roofs of all types. We have adequate certificates and we are authorised by the roof manufacturers to perform the installation.

We work together with manufacturers like Trimo, Sika, Sarnafil, Sintofoil, Gerard, Decra, Tondach, Creaton, Bramac, Firestone, Trespa, Brucha, Kingspan, Ruukki, Italpanelli, Fragmat and others.

We were the first company in our line of business to get the quality certificate ISO 9002 given to us in 1999 by the well known house of certificates BVQI.

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Services Krovstvo, Kleparstvo, Ravne strehe


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