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hotel triglav novaTriglav Hotel Bled | Restaurant 1906, has a soul. And the most beautiful views! From almost every vantage point in the hotel – from the dining room, the wine patio, guest rooms and even the pool – you can glimpse beautiful Lake Bled with its romantic island and the mountains beyond.


Beginnings in 1906

Hotel was built by the then-Mayor of Bled Jakob Peternelj. It was officially opened in 1906. That year, Bled not only saw the opening of a new hotel in a unique location, but also that of a rail connection with Vienna. Thus, the tragic Archduke Franz Ferdinand visited Bled by train in the same year. Also in 1906, Bled officially received the status of Tourist Attraction, as it was proclaimed a resort and important town for tourism by the National Council in Ljubljana.

Ownership over the years

When the Mayor's daughter Marija Peternelj married Ivan Kenda, the management of the hotel passed to the Kendas. Ivan Kenda had bold plans for the hotel. He increased the hotel grounds substantially and modernised its infrastructure. However, his ambitious plans indebted him considerably, and thus, the Kenda’s ownership passed to the Co-operative Commercial Bank in 1937. Then was bought at auction by Zdravko Rus. The hotel was inherited by Zdravko’s sister, Ivanka Rus Trnka.The Second World War and years of nationalisation followed. During this time, the hotel was owned by the state and didn't fulfill its function. After a lengthy denationalisation process, the Hotel Triglav Bled was finally returned to the surviving child of its owner – Jana I. Trnka, the daughter of Ivana Trnka. Jana Trnka passed the ownership of the hotel on to Danja and Zdravko Rus, who are the present owners and Zdravko is the grandson of the original, pre-war owner.


The present owners dedicated themselves to a complete refurbishment of the hotel, reviving its original appearance and restoring its soul after a long period of neglect. The facade boasts beautifully preserved geometric elements in the original Alpine Secessionist style. These geometric features are wonderfully repeated in the plant ornaments in the interior..In the lobby, guests are greeted by the famous 1930s August Förster concert piano whose sound enthralled the audience at the second Bled Jazz Festival in 1961. All spaces feature antique items that whisk you back in time: old suitcases, furniture, porcelain and so on, while the walls are home to numerous old photographs and masterpieces by renowned painters.

A popular place for a break

Hotel has always been popular with guests who appreciate friendliness, top-quality service and cuisine and the unique location. Due to its immediate proximity to the lake, the hotel has been closely connected with rowers from its opening to the present day. In the hotel’s very first year, rowing regatta competitors stayed in the hotel, Even today, many Slovene and foreign rowers are also among our regular guests nowadays.

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Triglav Hotel Bled | Restaurant 1906, has very special atmosphere, as you are surrounded at every step by wonderful antiques from our extensive collection.Theygently whisper stories from the past. And, yes, you can play our almost century-old piano!


Bright and tastefully furnished rooms, which are decorated with artwork and selected antique furniture, will make you feel good. The stunning views will make your stay unforgettable. The rooms boast lake views and most have a balcony. Naturally, air-conditioning, mini bar, internet access, telephone, TV, hairdryer and a safe are all there for your convenience.

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Name of hotel's restaurant - Restaurant 1906, derives from historical facts; this was the year the hotel was built and the train connection between Bled and Trieste constructed. Today Triglav hotel with its chef, Viktor Gros, presents a leading force in the town’s culinary experiences; reviving traditional dishes with a modern twist, offering wine tastings in hotel's private wine cellar, organising cooking classes, theme evenings, etc. These are just some of the activities that share one common thread – tasting traditional Slovene dishes and bringing visitors closer to the local ways of life; connecting past with the future.

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Visit Triglav Hotel Bled | Restaurant 1906, where you will feel that they have their hearts in their work and do their best to make all of your wishes come true. In short, they guarantee you a truly unforgettable experience. That's a promise.

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