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zidanice 1Become a master of one of our vineyard cottages, located on the edge of vineyards with breathtaking views on striking locations!

Vineyard cottages, Slovenia are unique, authentic and attractive tourist offer, meant for everyone, seeking authentic offer of slovenian countriside. Staying in these unique cottages you will be able to enjoy peace, mind-relaxation, reading or just surrender oneself to nature and beautiful view...

Vineyard cottages, Slovenia is suitable for:

1. For lovers of active experiences

3000 km of hiking, cycling, riding and water trails, a golf Otočec and Mokrice, hunting, fishing, fly a powered aircraft, paragliding or ballooning, swimming in Šmarješke, Dolenjska and Čateške Spa.

2. For lovers of natural and cultural heritage

rivers, karst caves, exceptional Romance, many churches, castles, monasteries, galleries and museums, village architecture.

3. For lovers of culinary and wine-gastronomic experiences

roast duck with mlinci and red cabbage, dumplings, lamb, suckling pig, poultry, cured meat products, excellent wines at the forefront of European specialty Cviček.

4. For lovers of traditional ethnological and other events

Numerous events: Wine vigred, Cviček Week, Borough days Semiška wedding, Jurjevanje, Cherry Festival, Jazzinty Topliška night, Bartholomew, from trebanjskega carapace Martinovanje, numerous hikes ...

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● Vineyard cottage

● Wine cellars

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