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Mala vas 111, 5230 Bovec
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alpska sola 18Alpine school Bovec, offers quality sustenance of free time there, where seasons are most beautiful -in nature. They are specialize for skiing and rafting. They also offer other sports activities such as hiking, trips.... School accepts every learner hospitably, because they love people from all over the world.


Kanin is not an ordinary ski resort: it has its own character. Its rudimentary alpine roughness is illuminated by the Mediterranean light and its stone pillars and karst deserts transform into a paradise for cross-country skiers in wintertime.

They offer:

◊ learning basic forms of skiing
◊ learning intermediate forms of skiing

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To us, the locals, Soča is more than just a river; it symbolises our freedom, pride, and individuality, it is the blood that flows through the veins of this valley. We will gladly help our visitors – that are at the same time the co-owners of this wonder – ride the waves and discover the waterfalls, canyons and rock walls that surround it..MORE

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For all sports enthusiasts Alpine school Bovec, offers you good stocked sport Shop TNF Shop Bovec, where you will find sportswears and equipment for spend your free time in nature.

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For additional information Alpine School Bovec, expecting your call on telephone number +386 (0)5 389 - 63 - 00 or +386 (0)31 614 - 265

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