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Strunjan 86, 6320 Portorož
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knez novaApartments and overnight stay Knez, Strunjan, are located in the beautiful natural surroundings not far from the sea. Our apartments are well equipped.


Between Piran and Izola comfortably starches the Strunjan bay and it's valley of extreme beauty. This is a place where local people have obtained salt from the sea for hundreds of years and eased their hardships with healing mud.

The sea brings greetings from all over the world. The beautiful smells of the horizons and a soft green color seem almost as a carpet that reaches as far as the eye can see. Above the sea our eye catches hills and slopes, where the vines bade in the sun. Olive trees grow on the slopes and absorb the Mediterranean climate. Lushes flora and fauna of Slovenian coast are only a fraction of what nature has to offer. You may encounter here a bird or flower, that you never have seen before.

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Apartments and overnight stay Knez, Strunjan, have:

♦ TV
♦ telephone
♦ central heating
♦ a kitchen with dining area

They are equipped in the way that they continue to ease of the outside world. Positive energy of the environment is felt on apartment premises.

Guests of the apartments feel great relaxation, as a result of a good night sleep. All apartments have been checked with the system of instrumental radiostesy by an internationally recognized company FULL-POINT.

The beds are equipped with mattresses made of natural materials such as coconut, latex and cotton, and are equipped with a special protection layer called Biodispositive, which also functions as a protection against radiation and with its natural field stimulates good sleep. Of course, the bed is also fitted with a contoured pillow that provides the correct position of your vertebra and ensures an even better sleep.

And finally, this ...

It does not really matter if you believe in vital forces or not. Apartments and overnight stay Knez, Strunjan, invites you to visit them and you will be convinced of all the benefits to your health.

Welcome, you will not regret it.

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