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apartmaji skok 12In the central street at entrance in Bovec from Tarvisio - Kranjska Gora, are located modernly equipped Apartments Skok, overnight stays, Bovec. They love to host people from all over the world and they are happy to offer their visitors a piece of the illusion that tourism promises – a controlled break from the daily routine, moments of silence and small delights, which we all need so much. They are here to guide you through the unknown territory, to get you acquainted with it, to lead you and accompany you in a friendly manner. In the vicinity of the apartments are available various sports activities, which are suitable for all ages.


The geographical position of the region between Vienna and Venice illustrates its history very well. All the traces of the past – from the remnants of antique Venetian and Hapsburg fortifications to the remains of the Soča front – bear witness to the clash between two different world orders fighting to prevail over this land.
The presence of mining and ironwork industry in the neighbouring Rajblj and Trenta proves the importance of these valleys from the middle ages on. The ethnological specificity of this territory can be seen in the cheese-making on sheep farms (the Bovec sheep cheese Flitscher käse was a registered trademark in the Habsburg monarchy), which is unique to Slovene territory.

Bovec is a mountain village and has the largest number of mountains higher than 2000 m in the Julian Alps. The influences from the south as well from the north create a unique combination of alpine characteristics mixed with Mediterranean elements, forming a relaxing atmosphere. The village of Trenta has gone down in history as the cradle of alpine climbing due to the famous mountain guides and rescuers that were active there a century and a half ago....MORE

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apartmaji skok 16Apartments Skok, overnight stays, Bovec, offers spacious, diverse accommodation with conveniently equipped rooms and free internet access.

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For additional information and reservations Apartments Skok, overnight stays, Bovec,  expect your call on telephone number +386 (0)5 389 - 63 - 00 or +386 (0)41 328 - 629. You can also get in touch by web form.

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