Camp Nadiza, Kobarid

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Podbela 48, 5223 Breginj
call: +386 (0)5 384 - 91 - 10
gsm: +386 (0)41 443 - 535
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In Breginj lies at the bottom of the valley village Podbela . Under the village, near the river Natisone, but there is Camp Nadiza, Kobarid. From the town of Kobarid is moved 11 kilometers away.

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Camp is very suitable for families with small children, since they can frolic and play on the water in it. Children's playground is equipped with a playground:

□ slides
□ swings
□ sandpit
□ two trampolines

Camp Nadiza, Kobarid, in its embrace invites all, who love unspoiled nature and clean river with beautiful gravels.

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● Bar and restaurant

● Apartment

● Caravan rental


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Locals say that Nadiža hides some medicinal properties. Surroundings are appropriate for active sustenance of free time.

● Breginj Corner

● Active holidays

● Song about Nadiža river

● News

● Prices

● Testimonial

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Services Camping, Active holidays
GPS coordinates 46.243286, 13.456205

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