Camp Old Post Jezersko, Upper Carniola

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Zgornje Jezersko 124, 4206 Zgornje Jezersko
call: +386 (0)70 542 - 123

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Forget your alarm clock, Camp Old Post Jezersko, Upper Carniola offers an awakening in the embrace of the sun he birds and the murmur of the mountain wind.

Camp Old Post Jezersko, Upper Carniola, is located in Jezerska Valley, which  is known for its pristine nature, hospitable people and shepherds typical dishes. One of them is "Masunjek" or "Maslovnik", which is famous for its taste and that it enjoys warm. Part of the lake recognizable silhouette is the Old Post; Traditional building that is left its mark spot has always been.

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The only camp in the Jezerska Valley you have the option of staying in:

◊ tents
◊ camper
◊ caravan
◊ dormitory
◊ in Glamping homes

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Visit  Camp Old Post Jezersko, Upper Carniola, and make sure of the Upper Carniola hospitality.

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GPS coordinates 46° 24' 9.126"N; 14° 30' 23.942"E

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