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almos nova slikaThe beginnings of our familiy company Foundry,  toolmaking,  CNC machining, Almos, Gorenjska, reach to year 1968. In 1990 company was established from a small workshop.

Our years of expertise are mainly showed in sand, die and low pressure casting. basic offer expanded after we had implemented new technology in the tool making departmen, with which we can reach our main vision to provide products from the development until the final product. In 1995 Foundry,  toolmaking, CNC machining, Almos, Gorenjska, went even furhter when we establiseh new department with CNC Machining and CNC Measurements.

We know how important quality is and for that reason we aquired ISO 9002:1994 and ISO 9001:2000 certificates.

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● Foundry

● Toolmaking

● CNC Machining

● CNC Measurements

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Services Foundry, Toolmaking, CNC machining, CNC measurements

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