Hostel Old Post, Upper Carniola

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Zgornje Jezersko 124, 4206 Zgornje Jezersko
call: +386 (0)70 542 - 123

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hostel camp jezersko novaHostel Old Post, Upper Carniola,  is synonymous with traditional Gorenjska hospitality. Building hostel is recognizable yellow color, but postal services have long no longer offer. We are now trying to offer you the best that Jezersko has to offer.

Hostel Old Post, Upper Carniola offer for your convenience:

▪ Comfortable bunk beds
▪ Double bed
▪ Equipped bathroom
▪ Equipped kitchen

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For more information and reservation please call Hostel Old Post, Upper Carniola, on telephone number +386 (0)70 542 - 123.

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● Bar

● Shop

● Fun

● Jezersko

● Activities

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GPS coordinates 46° 24' 9.126"N; 14° 30' 23.942"E

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