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ines 12The best mechanical processing of metal products,  development and production of components of hydraulic and pneumatic techniques and many other services offer the company Hydraulics, welding, turning, metal processing Ines d.o.o. | Škofja Loka

From the very beginning of our activity, back in 1990, we have been aware that we will achieve the set goals only if we keep pace with the development of materials and technology, as well as with the offer in the metal and hydraulic industry. We are an acknowledged specialised company for services in the area of demanding mechanical treatment of metal products, and development and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic components. Industrial customers are also provided with assembly, maintenance and repair services on their technological equipment.

In 2013, we moved to a new location in the industrial zone Škofja Loka, which was an important milestone for Hydraulics, welding, turning, metal processing Ines d.o.o. | Škofja Loka, as it made us more accessible to our customers. We regularly invest in our knowledge as well as in our machine fleet. And these are the reasons that we are still one of the major providers in Slovenia and abroad. Through knowledge and long-term experience we advise our customers in their decisions as to what type of products are the most appropriate according to their needs, and what kind of maintenance such products require.

For more information please call the company Hydraulics, welding, turning, metal processing Ines d.o.o. | Škofja Loka.

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Water jet cutting

ines 16Water-jet cutting system is an environmentally-friendly method of cutting material. It is appropriate for all types of materials, even for bigger thicknesses, and it provides high-precision cutting without any tapers...MORE


We use milling machines appropriate for rough or fine processing. They handle high feed rates and deliver high precision milling. We have several different CNC milling machines and several classic milling machines...MORE



Our machine fleet enables different metalworking options, for internal and surface broaching of profile. It includes several different CNC lathes and classic lathes...MORE


We have highly-qualified staff with the Welding Institute certification. Materials:steel, INOX (stainless steel), aluminium, grey cast iron. We also manufacture tanks for trailers and bigger constructions...MORE

Metal cutting

Cutting of rods and pipes (multi-edged and round) with diameter dimensions of up to 730 mm. Cutting of sheet metal up to 10 mm thick. In addition to cutting, we also offer bending of sheet metal...MORE


ines 17Lapping is essentially the finest type of machining process. The result is a high-quality surface of the workpiece with very low roughness, whereas the surface crystal structure is retained...MORE

Flame cutting

Flame cutting is a procedure, which allows achieving very high cutting speeds, even with thicker materials. This method of cutting is used for robust cutting of material. It is appropriate particularly for cutting steel sheet...MORE


Our extensive offer of services in the area of hydraulics and consumable goods is always at hand and supported by qualified staff. We guarantee very fast maintenance and manufacture of new, or repair of old flexible hoses for your hydraulic system. At stock we keep a large majority of standard and non-standard hydraulic fittings, which we professionally assemble with hoses, which are the most appropriate for your system...MORE

● Pneumatics

● Industrial hoses

● Hydraulic cylinders

Renovation and construction of machines

We manufacture machines by order. If you don’t have any plan, we will prepare it ourselves after talking to you. The gallery below shows only some of our creations...MORE

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Services Hydraulics, Welding, Turning, Metal processing

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