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Ulica Hermana Potočnika 28, 1000 Ljubljana
call: +386 (0)41 608 - 810

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Klemen Lajevec Photography, Ljubljana, is the top wedding photographer, that works in Slovenia and foreign country already more than 20 years. He is also a member of prestigious union of professional photographers NPS.

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Klemen Lajevec Photography, Ljubljana, and his wife Katarina made recognisable, fresh and dynamic style of photography and design in wedding photograph. Photographic passion, technical perfection, exclusive design and joy to work with people, it is the best combination, that couples want at their wedding photographer.

For the permanent memories of your wedding day,  takes care the best photographer Klemen Lajevec Photography, Ljubljana. For all other information, call +386 (0)41 608 - 810

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Ulica Hermana Potočnika 28