Locksmith Zdesar, Šmarje - Sap, Central Slovenia

Profil in naslov Boris Zdešar s.p.
Ljubljanska cesta 65, 1293 Šmarje-Sap
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boris zdesar nova Enter Point SlovenijaThe company Locksmith Zdesar, Šmarje - Sap, Central Slovenia, is involved in the field of metalworking since 1976. Family values such as respect, mutual coordination, awareness and care for each other, guide our relationships.

All the company's activities are focused on refining the requirements, needs and expectations of our costumers. Thus we want to improve and increase our customers satisfaction.

Locksmith Zdesar, Šmarje - Sap, Central Slovenia, wish to establish our work as a synonym for quality and reliability. With constant adaptation and flexibility to the desires of our clients we want to become even greater.


We offer a wide range of services:

◊ welding iron
◊ welding stainless steel
◊ welding non-ferrous metals
◊ bending sheet
◊ bending metal
◊ cutting sheet metal
◊ cutting pipes

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To all our clients we provide:

▪ viewing
▪ technical advice prior to the realization of the project
▪ offer preparation
▪ project implementation
▪ service

If it is found that there is a manufacturing defect or that our product is somehow flawed we guarantee that we will repair or replace the flawed product. For more information please call Locksmith Zdesar, Šmarje - Sap, Central Slovenia.

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