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Sergej Masera Maritime Museum of Piran


The first collections of the Maritime Museum of Piran were exhibited in the Civic Museum of Piran, which was established in 1954. The study of Slovene naval history and maritime tradition was one of the first activities of the newly founded museum. In 1967 the Civic Museum was renamed the Sergej Masera Maritime Museum of Piran.


Opening hours

September - June  9 am. - 5 pm. / Closed Mondays
July - August  9 am. - 12 am. and 5 pm. - 9 pm. / Closed Mondays


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Gabrielli Palace
Museum of Salt Making
Ethnological Collection Tona's House
Exhibition Monfort
Galeb sailing boat
Giuseppe Tartini Memorial Room
Exhibition in Izola

The Library

The library is another accessible department of the museum. It has been part of the museum ever since its founding, but its heritage is much older, as it consists both the town archives and the old Civic Library, Biblioteca Civica di Pirano.

The Biblioteca Civica collection contains a variety of items, some of them precious. Many books date back to the 16th century, the oldest one being from 1501. Among the most interesting books are the comprehensive late 18th century Encyclopaedia by Diderot, and the only fully preserved Atlas from 1526 by Pietro Coppo from Izola.

You can also access to a part of the on-line catalogue via the internet.

The library is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm. Your enquiries on the E-mail will be met by the librarian Igor Presl, Ph.D.



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