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stremfelj novaWe are Marija and Andrej, IFMGA-recognized Slovenian mountain guides with 40 years of experience in alpinism. Mountain guide Stremfelj, Kranj, have climbed almost all the mountain ranges in the world located at various altitudes: from the lowest Alpine mountain peaks to the summit of Mt. Everest being the first married couple to reach the roof of the world (1990). Since he became a mountain guide in 1982, Andrej has gained extensive experience in mountain guidance that enabled him to obtain the IFMGA license in 1997. Being approved a mountain guide in 2012, Marija has become one of three female mountain guides in Slovenia.

Mountain guide Stremfelj, Kranj, offers extremely diverse, just like Slovenia and its mountain world. We lead all types of mountain tours ranging from hiking tours to rock and ridge climbing tours in summer as well as in winter. We also lead all Alpine tours and many other tours outside Europe.

For more information and reservation call Mountain guide Stremfelj, Kranj, on telephone number +386 (0)40 328 - 000.

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