Mountain hut Kosenjak, Carinthia

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Goriški vrh 2A, 2370 Dravograd
call: +386 (0)41 222 - 360
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kosenjak novaOn southern part of Kosenjak, is located Mountain hut Kosenjak, Koroška. Mountain hut Kosenjak, Carinthia, it is the former frontier constable, that mountaineering society Dravograd redone in pleasantly mountain hut.

Mountain hut Kosenjak, Carinthia, offers:

1.) Place for sleep

The place for sleep comprises 55 beds. You can choose between 2,3,4,5 and 6 bed rooms.

2.) Place for food and drink

Birthday parties
New Year's parties
Business parties –conclusions
A funeral repast
Rent a place for picnic
The place for camping
We organise lunches and dinners for larger groups

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3.) Trips

Organised one-day and more days trips with culinary travel and tasting of Koroška beauties and kindnesses.

4.) Organised camps

Our Mountain hut Kosenjak, Koroška, is appropriate for organised camps, because we prepare an  excellent ambient in the interior or on the outside terrace.

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