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Primož pri Ljubnem 22, 3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
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NaturAvantura - NaturPlac Na Skali, Ljubno ob Savinji, is open to socialising and cooperation.

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Our strength and obligation lies in the fact that we respect natural and cultural values. With the help of good practice, consistent education, learning and awareness-rising not only of the providers of such services but also of the nature custodians, nature protection supervisors, nature’s interpreters, tourist workers and others in charge as well as general public are those that will grant the only correct, sustainable (tourist) future.   

NaturAvantura - NaturPlac Na Skali, Ljubno ob Savinji, features mobile infrastructure without the foundations placed in natural space without any  environmental interventions:

na skali 19a.) 9 Savinjska Huts (kočura) – timber hut executed in local style under which there is a tent with the interior equipment (mattress, bedding)
b.) 5 own tents (with additional interior equipment)
c.) Space for tent
d.) Mobile type Shower and WC, ‘hooded’ in natural materials
e.) Reception made of natural materials
f.) Timber open kitchen and covered common dining hall
g.) Events space with improvised amphitheatre shaped open fireplace made of natural materials from the surroundings

Our theme trails relate to:

na skali 20Cycling and trekking trails with added explanation of all places of interest on the way
Visit the gathering and cultivation of hops
Farewell picnics (blueberries, chestnuts etc.)
Fishing with farewell picnic
Visit to timber rafting and wood activities (visit to a museum included)
Visit to the Logarska Valley and Rinka waterfall
Visit to Pekel cave and Snow cave
Gastronomic treasures of the upper Savinjska Valley
Timber rafting tradition, bundles and rafting rihte
Sacred heritage (Gornji Grad, Nazarje monastery library etc.)

Basic goal of the company NaturAvantura - NaturPlac Na Skali, Ljubno ob Savinji, is to become well known tourist-educational-social local company (Upper Savinjska Valley) with the potential to spread widely throughout Slovenia by establishing new similar projects and promoting sustainable thinking.

The area of our operations, above all the Logarska Valley which is considered one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Europe, is an unspoilt gem from the tourist point of view which attracts more tourists into the region every year. Its tourist potential offers many business opportunities which need to be properly evaluated and presented.

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Services Camping, A venue

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