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sobe hrpelje novaOvernight stays, Rooms Hrpelje, are located in a new building in Hrpelje, near the main road from Trieste (Italy) to Rijeka (Croatia) and only 1 km from the nearest motorway access (Videž Kozina).

They are thus a perfect stop on the way to your holiday destination, but needless to say, you can decide to book a few nights in Overnight stays, Rooms Hrpelje, and visit famous sites nearby during the days. If so, the first thing you visit really should be the Škocjan caves, the biggest underground canyon in Europe that is part of UNESCO heritage. Then there in Lipica Stud farm with a 435 year-old tradition of breeding the famous white Lipizzan horses, who are – interestingly enough – black when they born. For all you plant lovers, there is a beautiful herb garden in Kačiče on Belajeva homestead, alongside a black kitchen. Not at all far away there is a climber's paradise offering climbing sites of Mišja peč, Osp, Črni Kal, Val Rosandra and Napoleonica. Just 17 km away from rooms, you will find the historical multicultural city of Trieste, Italy, where you can stroll around town and indulge in a real Italian pizza. Or you can decide to visit Koper, a true pearl of Adriatic coast offering means of relaxation and life, just 15 minutes drive away if you take the motorway. If Škocjan caves weren't enough for you, you can check out the Postojna cave, too; a whole new (under)world, quite literally.

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Rooms offer:

♦ private rooms with a private bathroom for 2 or 3 persons
♦ a parking place
♦ free wi-fi
♦ TV
♦ working desk and a kettle with some tea and coffee you can make yourself

In the same building complex, there is a small market and a restaurant where you can buy or order your breakfast in advance, respectively.

For more information and reservation please call Overnight stays, Rooms Hrpelje, on telephone number +386 (0)40 874 - 745.

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