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Profil in naslov Processing sheet TISMA, Dušan Tišma s.p.
Preradovičeva ulica 36, 2000 Maribor
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tismaThe company Processing sheet TISMA, Maribor is a family business that was established in 1991. With continuous growth and investments in the manufacturing premises and mechanical equipment we have become one of the most recognised companies in the field of the processing of sheet metal and manufacture of roofing products in our country. To continue, we expanded our operations abroad, where we have earned ourselves a reputation as a reliable business partner. With the advanced techniques, long-term experiences and professionally trained staff Processing sheet TISMA, Maribor are able to reach the highest quality standards.

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Cooperation, reliability and trust are values that accompany us in our everyday work. A satisfied customer is our ultimate goal. We offer services and products which will meet your requirements in a quality manner, within the time limit agreed and at the most competitive price.

In all possible shapes and materials, and with a touch of tradition, knowledge and competence, sheet metal presents the main activity of the Processing sheet TISMA, Maribor. The products for the new millennium, produced using refined manufacturing processes and quality standards, are the core of our operations, for we have committed ourselves to shaping sheet metal.


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