Restaurant and pizzeria Škofije, Koper

Profil in naslov Restaurant and pizzeria Škofije
Spodnje Škofije 256, 6281 Škofije
call: +386 (0)5 654 - 03 - 17

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When we are driving on the highway between Trieste and Koper, right on the border with Italy, there is the Restaurant and pizzeria Škofije, Koper, which boasts with multiyear tradition of business and numerous guests. Guests return again happily and they afford excellent pizzas from wood-fired oven or any other dish from their rich menu.

Restaurant and pizzeria Škofije, Koper, has experienced chefs who prepare you delicious appetizers, meat and fish dishes and excellent homemade desserts.

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♦ Appetizers
♦ Gratinized dishes
♦ Salad plates
♦ Soups
♦ Easy meat dishes
♦ Pasta with delicious sauces
♦ Main dishes
♦ Fish dishes
♦ Delicious pizzas
♦ Daily menu
♦ Special offer

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For all additional information and reservations, Restaurant and pizzeria Škofije, Koper, expects your call on telephone number +386 (0)5 654 - 03 - 17or you can get in touch through the web form.

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Services Restaurant, Pizzeria
GPS coordinates 45°34'44.3"N 13°47'45.3"E

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