Restaurant Castle Socerb, Črni Kal

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Socerb 7, 6275 Črni Kal
call +386 (0)41 571 - 544
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grad socerb novaWhen you will be driving to Slovenian coast, don't miss the excellent restaurants in the castle Socerb. It is a boutique restaurant with a beautiful view.

Restaurant Castle Socerb, Črni Kal offers:

ᴥ fish specialties
ᴥ seafood
ᴥ carte dishes
ᴥ slow food

They have indoor space that accommodates 30 guests and a summer garden which also accommodate 30 guests.

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Restaurant Castle Socerb, Črni Kal, is an idyllic place for:

♠ smaller weddings
♠ protocolary receptions
♠ cultural events
♠ view of Trieste

For tasting fresh food with sophisticated flavour and royal spoiling, then is the Restaurant Castle Socerb, Črni Kal, right place for you. For information and reservations please call +386 (0)41 571 - 544.

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