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lepa vida 18Thalasso Spa Beautiful Vida, natural cosmetics, salt products, Slovenian coast, is located in the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. The landscape is captivating and gives the impression that long ago, time stopped here. The Sečovlje Salina Nature Park is situated at the most south-western part of Slovenia and they aim approximately 750ha. They are located just along the border with the Republic of Croatia, in the southern part of the municipality of Piran. The northern part of the Park with still active salt production is called Lera. From the southern part of the Park, called Fontanigge, it is separated by the bed of the Drnica creek.

n Fontanigge, there are large ponds which are gradually overgrown with characteristic salt marsh vegetation – halophytes. They are criss-crossed by the system of ancient dykes, from which only the larger remain. Along broader channels, former salt-pan houses are scattered contributing to the uniqueness of the saline landscape with its characteristic appearance. The main freshwater source is the Dragonja river, which runs into the sea at the Sečovlje salt pans following the 10-kilometre path.

At Lera, the salt fields earmarked for salt crystallization are separated from the fields used for seawater thickening (evaporation basins). The difference between the two manners of salt production therefore lies in the technological procedure of brine preparation, salt gathering and storage as well as the different working tools. The common feature of both salt-pan areas lies in the fact that petola (a special type of biosediment that prevents sea mud merging with the salt and retains the incorporation of separate ions into the salt) is cultivated by the salt workers at the bottom of the salt fields.

In the Thalasso Spa Beautiful Vida, natural cosmetics, salt products, Slovenian coast, in the lee of the salt fields, we offer you the gifts of the sea which have a refreshing impact on the body, establish balance in the body, give it energy as well as nourish and regenerate the skin. You can choose from different treatments with natural products from the Sečovlje Salina Landscape Park. Salt-pan mud and brine – “mother” water, salt, and sea water are the most important parts of thalassotherapy at the salt pans. Of them, salt-pan mud and brine (mother liquor) are recognized by the Ministry of Health as being natural healing substances.

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lepa vida 22In the field of healthcare, salt-pan mud, also called fango or black gold, is used mainly for two reasons. The first is its thermal effect – due to its physical properties, it has a large heat capacity, and therefore cools down very slowly. Here, the thickness of mud wrap plays an essential role – when only a thin layer is applied, the heat potential of the peloid will soon disappear and thermal activity will stop. Therefore, thinner mud wraps are primarily used for relaxation and cosmetic purposes....MORE


Brine is a by-product in the production of salt with a high concentration of mineral substances, containing calcium, potassium, iron, bromide, sulphides, etc. in addition to sodium chloride. It can be up to ten times denser than sea water. It was registered as a natural healing factor, which operates on the basis of a chemical effect, whereby the mechanical effects are also important since water builds up pressure on the body from all directions and acts similar to lymph drainage therapy. Buoyancy is also essential in baths, which facilitates the movement of affected and damaged limbs. The temperature at which brine is effective and has therapeutic effects is around 38°C....MORE


Salt - pan mud wraps

The salt-pan mud is Istrian clay enriched with brine. It is a naturally soft, fine-grained homogeneous paste-like mass with a blackish colour. Due to its gradual maturing in the salt ponds, it contains a high concentration of minerals. It is a natural remedy which is recognized for its medical purposes and is used to treat diseases such as rheumatic and degenerative joint diseases and to relieve pain in the locomotor system...MORE

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Bath in brine - Mother water

Brine, mother water – the mother of all waters – is a precious liquid which remains at the bottom of the salt evaporation ponds after hand-harvesting the sea salt. Due to the rich content of minerals like bromine, iodine and magnesium, brine has been highly valued for centuries. Brine is used in the form of baths. Its most important characteristic is that it encourages and strengthens the body’s defence abilities, and provides a calming effect due to the presence of bromine...MORE

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Sea salt scrubs

By scrubbing, dead skin cells are removed so that the skin is softer and smoother. Salt scrub enhances the efficiency of the following therapies since it prepares the body to absorb more minerals from the salt-pan mud and brine.

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Manual body massages

Human touch is one of the most pleasant and efficient ways of relaxing. Massage is the oldest and most natural method of treatment and preserving health. It relaxes the whole body and mind. Western massage techniques have an effect mostly on the muscles, ligaments and tendons, thus improving blood and lymph circulation. Classic massages are used mostly for analgesic and relaxation purposes.

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For all other information, call Thalasso Spa Beautiful Vida, natural cosmetics, salt products, Slovenian coast, on telephone number +386 (0)5 672 - 13 - 60 or get in touch by web form.

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lepa vida 29Detox programmes

Our body is highly stressed perhaps as a result of an improper diet or a very stressful lifestyle, therefore it is not able to eliminate current harmful metabolites. Insufficient movement and a poor posture can lead to the blockage of the lymph vessels, which causes these substances to accumulate and act locally on the tissues....MORE

Anti - rheumatic programmes

This programme is designed for therapeutic purposes, but it can also be used as a preventive measure. It is designed for guests with occasional or permanent pain in the neck, spine and back, in the large joints such as the hips, knees, shoulders and ankles, as well as in the smaller joints of the hands and feet in the context of degenerative and rheumatic joint diseases.

Relaxation programmes

The pace of modern life is very stressful for our body. Moreover, we are also exposed to daily environmental pollution from the water, air and food, which has a negative effect on our body. If the body is exposed to such influences for longer periods of time, this can lead to the development of diseases. Therefore, we recommend that you relax your body and soul before it is too late.

Programmes against Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a more and more common disease nowadays. There is an increasing amount of evidence that psoriasis is also associated with stress to which our body reacts with characteristic skin changes in combination with other factors. As regeneration takes a longer time, we recommend one or two therapeutic packages against psoriasis, staying at the seaside as long as possible, and an appropriate amount of exposure to the sun using adequate sun-protection.

Programmes to strengthen the Immune system

A strong immune system is essential for health. In most people, the immune system performs its task well, so they are unaware of its functioning. However, we feel the consequences of its weakness when we get sick. In addition to a correct diet, a sufficient amount of sleep, relaxation, exercise and certain additives which have been shown to enhance our immunity, we also recommend relaxation with natural healing factors from the Sečovelje salt pans.

Anti - cellulite programmes

When the skin gets older, collagen and the connective tissues begin to lose their elasticity, which results in a reduced ability of the body to effectively eliminate all metabolic substances. These substances accumulate in the body and cause changes in the connective tissues and fat cells. The increased fat cells move from the subcutaneous tissue to the surface, in the lower middle layer of the skin, and thus become visible, and at the same time the fibrous tissue which is responsible for the smoothness of the skin, becomes more and more loose.

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● Swimming in the sea water pool

● Guided exercise in the swimming pool

● Kneipp walking pools

● Beautiful Vida products

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