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goricki raj 12Traditional cheese dairy Goricki raj, Nature Park Goricko | Prekmurje, is the first traditional cheese dairy in the Goričko region. It was opened in July 2010 to be enjoyed by the lovers of high-quality homemade milk products.

Located at Ratkovci, a small village at the heart of the Goričko Landscape Park, they make their best efforts to pursue the set mission. The diverse landscape of Goričko, sustainable breeding of animals freely grazing the pastures and the traditional processing methods represent the basis for our sustainable production. It is the only way to provide biologically rich end products.

goricki raj 13Traditional cheese dairy Goricki raj, Nature Park Goricko | Prekmurje, prepares products from cow's, sheep's and goat's milk. Most of the sheep's and goat's milk is produced at the dairy, while the cow's milk is acquired from the neighbouring farmers. The daily processing capacity is 700 litres of milk.

Their products have the CE marking. It guarantees that every product is in conformity with the strictest standards in veterinary regulations of Slovenia as pursuant to the EU quality standards.




You are welcome to visit Traditional cheese dairy Goricki raj, Nature Park Goricko | Prekmurje, or one of the organic food markets.

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Milk products

goricki raj 17The greatest advantage and specialty of our products is that they are made of raw milk, which fully preserves the natural ingredients in them. The sheep's and goat's milk are obtained from animals freely grazing the pastures which are submitted to regular ecological farming controls...MORE




They organise caterings for closed events, corporate meetings or home wedding receptions. Upon order, we can prepare and deliver cheese platters, cheese spreads, home-baked bread, seasonal vegetables, wheat and pasta prepared according to taste.

A resting place for cyclists and hikers

Goričko offers plenty beautiful sights and panoramic routes for cyclists and hikers,. Gorički raj offers healthy snacks and milk products that will help you regain strength to continue your trip.


Catering events to sample our cheese are organised for closed groups and bus tourists and visitors can also view our cheese dairy and the production facilities.

Corporate presents

They prepare excellent cheese presents which can surely delight anyone.

Adopt a goat

Have you always wanted to have a farm animal yet you never had the opportunity or was this animal simply not suited to be kept at home? Would you like to enjoy the traditional products made of cow's or goat's milk obtained from animals grazing in the midst of pristine landscape? ...MORE

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