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vina saksida novaWine and tourism Saksida, Vipava valley, Goriška, are located at the edge of the village and surrounded by vineyards. Offer of company is in high level, that's why it is appropriate also for more demanding guests.

Tradition and modernity are interwoven in the dishes and in their hospitable and spacious tasting rooms where they can accommodate up to 40 guests. In warmer periods of the year, you can enjoy their estate’s garden and savour the shades of their vines.

Wine and tourism Saksida, Vipava valley, Goriška, offers space for up to 15 motor homes and 15 tents, with showers, restroom facilities, and electrical hook up. Visitors can also take advantage of a large covered picnic area. Wireless internet is available and the nearest store is just one kilometre away.

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Their facilities offer a perfect base to further explore the natural wonders their unique corner of the world has to offer. You can hike or bike through vineyards and orchards, or along the Bajer Interpretive Path. You can fish in Vipava River and the Vogršček Lake, or simply go for a swim. You can also visit other nearby wineries. Visit Wine and tourism Saksida, Vipava valley, Goriška, and spend your free time in beautiful Vipava Valley.

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Saksida wine

Our estate is located in the village of Zalošče, in the heart of the Vipava valley. Outstanding vineyards and well-maintained vines, sitting just above the Vipava River valley, are our greatest treasure. In addition to our excellent wines, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the Vipava Valley’s finest traditional culinary delights.

Sorts of wines:

● White Wines

● Red Wines

● Sparkling Wines

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We will serve you genuine Vipava dishes, just like those that our grandmothers, and their grandmothers before them, proudly served their guests.

Blending fresh local ingredients and Mediterranean herbs and spice with Marko's distinct culinary creativity, we guarantee a gastronomic experience served with a touch of elegance and excellence.

We'll be glad to cater to your specific wishes, offer an ample choice, and suggest several culinary options. We can satisfy guests who want simple home-made foods, or those aficionados who are looking for creative, cutting edge selections, but always with a delicious harmony of flavors. The fullness of the local delicacies will be rounded out with wines from our cellar.

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Other offer and information

● Wine Room

● Excursions

● Accommodation

● Reservation

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