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muzic novaThe Winery Muzic Goriška Brda lies in the hilly region of Goriška Brda in the hamlet called Jordano. Our vineyards are part of a beautiful landscape which represents ideal climatic contitions for the growth of the vine. The low hills open to the south towards Friuli and towards the Adriatic Sea. From the north, they are protected from the Julian Alps and the Plateu of Trnovo. The maritime climate and marl soil give the vine ideal contitions for producing quality wines.

For bottled wines Winery Muzic Goriška Brda, use grapes from older vineyards where the growth of the vine is not so exuberant anymore and the grapes are more evenly spread. Wines made from these grapes, which are the product of many years of hard-work and investments, are thus so much more precious.

For more information call Winery Muzic Goriška Brda on telephone number +386 (0)40 893 - 539.

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